After having studied many treatment programs and sober living houses, we put together a program that will offer everything our clients need to succeed.


  • Caring Managers who are committed to helping clients achieve independence

  • IOP therapy available as needed or recommended for individual clients.

  • Work with Dual Diagnosis clients to continue their medical and psychiatric care.

  • Drug testing and/or breathalyzer several times a week (Mako labs)

  • Managers who hold all residents accountable for sobriety, following house rules, and maintaining a clean, well run house.

  • Group meetings by a certified therapist

  • Individual meetings at least once a week or as needed

  • Oversight on physician visits, analyzing client needs for additional counseling or medical care. Finding appropriate care for clients if needed

  • Entertainment like movies, bowling, kayaking, dinners, sporting events

  • Working with clients to find and maintain a relationship with a sponsor and work on their steps

  • Help clients learn to budget

  • Help clients find employment or enroll in school

  • Occasional out of town trips. Beach trips, Skiing, Columbus, GA (our home) where they can swim, ride four wheelers, river raft, zip line, etc..) Hiking locally and regionally

  • Daily monitoring and counseling to maintain sobriety

  • Distribution of medications and monitoring refills

  • Frequent family updates


  • Transportation to and from work or school (may be additional charge if daily transport needed)

  • Group transportation to NA, AA, etc.. meetings several times a week- as well as to group activities

  • Transport from Treatment facility (may be additional fee for expenses)

    AMENITIES For Otter House, Fairview

  • A large upscale homes

  • All utilities paid

  • High speed internet

  • Complete individual furnishings including: a bed, bedding, dresser, closet, night stand, lamp, art, rugs, etc.. Toiletries if needed and basic house supplies

  • Otter House is a gated home with ample parking

  • Swimming pool

  • Fire pit, grill, multiple patios

  • Access to all amenities

  • 2 full kitchens

  • 2 full laundry rooms

  • limit of two residents per room (6 bedroom home)

  • Full time manager in resident at all times

  • Gold’s Gym membership

  • Multiple living areas with ping pong, movie room, etc..

    AMENITIES For Otter House West, Asheville

  • Large home located in the heart of Asheville

  • Large updated kitchen

  • Fire pit

  • Access to public transportation

  • Walking distance to many jobs and activities

  • Full time manager in resident

  • Multiple living areas

  • Laundry

  • 5 Bedroom home

  • All utilities paid

  • High Speed internet

  • Complete individual furnishings

  • Limited transportation


Intensive Outpatient Programs

We have relationships with multiple, outstanding IOPs in the Asheville area. We can cater to each individual client’s needs as recommended by their referring clinicians.

Pharmacogenomic Testing

We now offer Pharmacogenomics testing to our clients. . Information about your genetic makeup can assist your doctor in prescribing medicines that are most likely to work for you and avoid the trial and error approach of giving you various drugs that are not likely to work for you until finding the right one. This test may also help your physician make critical adjustments to the dosages of certain medications, as well as avoid prescribing combinations of drugs that may cause you to experience adverse reactions.


After Care and Maintenance

After having completed a minimum of 3 months at Otter House, clients may be eligible for post-sober living “After Care”. This will be offered to Clients who graduate from our program and have maintained their sobriety while in our program. We can offer various levels of after care. Drug and Alcohol testing, once a week counseling and family reports will be included in this service for minimum fee of $75 per week. *This service will require a prepayment for each month it is offered.


Pet Friendly

“Success is not final, Failure is not fatal. It is the Courage to Continue that counts.” -W.Churchill

“Success is not final, Failure is not fatal. It is the Courage to Continue that counts.” -W.Churchill