House Otter painting

House Otter painting


What is Sober living?


In Sober Living you are able to build a recovery program for yourself based on setting healthy boundaries, coping skills, humility and confidence.  Otter House will provide the environment to develop lifelong friendships, maintain your sobriety, attend meetings, work your steps and have a great life. 

We provide the tools needed towards achieving your goals to move forward with your life while enjoying your sobriety. This will be a transitional step to establish the foundation for the rest of your recovery journey, changing your addict behaviors to recovery behaviors. We encourage all residents to work or go to school and move forward with their own personal progress.

Dual Diagnosis

We work with our clients who are struggling with addiction and medical and/or psychiatric conditions. Since we are finding that most of our clients have these multiple challenges, we have put together a great team of doctors, therapists, and sponsors who can help with continuing their care from treatment. As the addict’s brain recovers they will sometimes experience changes in diagnosis and their own behaviors. It is important to monitor these changes and help the client through this process. We are also helping them develop lifelong coping strategies for these challenges. Part of recovery is accepting these and learning how to prosper and move forward.


Hiking with the dogs.. Snoop and Kyro

Hiking with the dogs.. Snoop and Kyro


Otter House is an affordable, yet upscale sober living environment.  It is a safe place to live with other sober roommates and friends who have the same common goals to maintain a positive lifestyle filled with outdoor activities, sports, physical fitness, healthy eating, ( for the most part, we do enjoy a nice, hot pizza too) and relaxation.

Our beautiful mountain -side home has many amenities to enjoy.  We have a swimming pool, fire pit, movie room, garden, numerous screened porches, and even a small barn and fenced area for dogs or livestock if we like.  Yes! We are a dog friendly house and support our local animal rescues. 

Zero Tolerance

The most basic rule is NO TOLERANCE for drugs and alcohol.  This includes items containing alcohol like cold medicines, mouthwash, after shave, etc… We conduct random drug and alcohol screenings several times a week and may do random room searches as needed.  

We also do not tolerate bad behavior.  There is no place for bullying, prejudice, violence, fighting, harassment, theft, fraternizing and sex on the premises.  There will be curfews enforced for the safety and peace of mind of all of the residents. 



Each resident at Otter House must be working or going to school or actively seeking employment.  We would like to see our residents participate in some volunteer work as well.  It is very important that all residents attend a minimum number of weekly 12 step meetings, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, or Cocaine Anonymous, etc..  You should also maintain a relationship with a sponsor. 

Each resident will be expected to help keep the house clean and well run at all times.  All of these expectations will be clearly outlined in our contract so that all parties know their responsibilities.  



Otter House occupancy can range from 4 to 10 residents a month.  We can offer some single rooms when available, but most residents will have 2 to a room. We are a male, gender specific house. There will be a resident House Manager living in the house on a permanent basis.  The House Manager(s) will be available to help all residents when needed.  We like to think of this house as our home and want everyone to feel safe and secure.  

Families are welcome to come and visit their residents at any time. It is required that the House Manager be present when visitors are on the premises.   On occasion we may need to screen visitors on a case by case basis for the safety of our residents.  It is important for anyone in recovery to have the support of their family and friends. 


Theater room is a client favorite for late night movies, sports and occasional gaming.