**** Most members of our staff are working their 12 steps and are actively working their Recovery programs! ****

Our Client to Staff ratio is very small (average 1:3) so we can provide a lot of individual attention



Nick McGrory  (co-owner and house manager)

Hello to everyone that may be reading this!  I would like to start off by saying that I am eternally grateful for my friends and family who have guided me through this walk of life to get me to where I am today.  One of the most paramount lessons I have learned in recovery is the importance of who I surround myself with on a daily basis.  I cannot stress that enough! human beings thrive or wither off the energy they share with one another.  

I had a great life growing up with loving parents and siblings.  I attended public and private schools throughout grade school.  I attended the University of Alabama (Roll Tide), as well as joined the Greek life as a Pi Kappa Alpha.  Nevertheless I regressed into drugs and alcohol, lost and unknowing of what my future held for me.  I was lost under the broad shadow of my successful dad's legacy.  Over the next few years, three attempts at treatment led me to a place of desperation where I finally wanted to be sober and happy with myself. I had the opportunity to experience several styles of sober living programs across the country. This allowed me to gather information and contacts along the way. After moving to Asheville, I started my continuous (final) journey of sober living and recovery. I have seen lock down programs, free-reign programs and anywhere in between.  This allowed me to compile a formula for the "Perfect" sober living house criteria. With the assistance and vast knowledge of my loving parents, together we researched evidence-based programs and best practices to facilitate an optimal sober living home.  There needs to be a happy medium and we have thoughtfully developed that here at Otter House Recovery. I hope your path leads you here.   As a fellow addict in recovery; no matter where you go on your journey, I sincerely wish you the best and hope you find the happiness you deserve.  

Someone I met in AA told me to "stick with the winners". I have heard this several times since, and I know that this is absolutely true.  Surround yourself with good people and you will find success. 



Marcus and Trip

Marcus and Trip


 Kate McGrory (co-owner) 

Hello!  My name is Kate and I am co-owner of Otter House Recovery.  Our journey on this path to sober living started when our son, Nick came home early from his freshman year of college with a heroin addiction.  We, like so many parents out there, could not fathom how this had happened to our son who had grown up in a stable, loving home with everything he needed.  It happens.  The disease of addiction can affect anyone. 

I have a home in Asheville and also in Georgia with my husband, Jay, and our other two children who are still in school.  I am an artist, designer and am involved in charity work and animal rescue.  I am committed to giving back to the community that helped our son recover and find his path again.  We saw the need for extended sober living after seeing our own son try to make the transition to work and school surrounded by non sober friends and family. He no longer needed intense treatment or an outpatient living environment, he needed sober roommates and structured living environment where he was kept accountable to his sobriety.  We will provide that environment with Otter House Recovery.

 I am a hands-on owner and enjoy spending time with our clients and supporting them during this pivotal time in their lives. I know how important it is to provide guidance and acceptance. We work with each client to find their gifts, talents and interests which will help them to focus on building a future filled with accomplishment and joy. I can work with life coaches and other professionals as needed to develop these areas.

What sets Otter House apart is our ability and desire to work with each resident on a more one on one level. No one gets left behind here. We are all about inclusiveness and attention. We love having families and friends come visit and spend holidays and special occasions here.  I want this to be a place the residents and their families can all enjoy.  

Favorite Quote: “The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson


Marcus Wells

( House Manager)

Hello! I am very happy to be involved in the important work of Otter House Recovery. Like Nick, I am in recovery myself. I have been actively involved in AA for many years and look forward to celebrating my 4th anniversary. A structured sober living environment is an important part of the recovery process, which Ive experienced myself both here in Asheville and Boone, NC. I have mentored and sponsored many addicts through AA and have found that process to be very rewarding. Prior to my work at Otter House, I was in retail store management for 7 years in Asheville.

I am a firm believer in the empowerment gained from a lifestyle that includes optimal nutrition and regular exercise. To further that interest I am working toward certification as a personal trainer and look forward to sharing my knowledge and experience with the residents of Otter House Recovery.

This is a great place where residents benefit from structure, support, encouragement and compassion as they work toward their goal of sober living.


Professional Team Members


We also work with a team of professional therapists and doctors to help each client heal both physically and emotionally. Many people in addiction are also dual diagnosis clients who are dealing with recovering from their addiction as well as overcoming and understanding underlying mental health issues that may be present. We take this very seriously and offer Pharmacogenomics testing to our clients which helps determine which medications and doses will most likely work best for that person based on genetic makeup. This commitment to the whole recovery of each client is proving to be very successful.


We are bringing on some more staff…

Welcome Andrew Franklin and Jon Solomon to our marketing team.