Dog Island, Florida

Dog Island, Florida


Our trip to Dog Island was a “12 step in 2 days adventure” led by some very experienced and dedicated successful businessmen Nick knew from his journey through recovery. This trip was a great example of our Higher Powers at work. We knew we wanted a beach trip… all of the sudden there was a beach house on Dog Island available, and the neighbor said we could use hers as well. ?? Then there was an old friend who wanted to help us work the 12 steps in 2 days, (Bill Wilson style). This friend also owns a food business and can provide food and cook for us. These guys all have friends, they have fishing boats, they have friends who want to make dinner for us and invite us to an “old timers” meeting. The BEST MEETING most of us have ever been to. At every turn we were blessed by so many people who only want to help those who struggle with addiction find a path to peace. Words cannot describe how fortunate we are and how grateful we are for all of these blessings.


Trip to Dog Island is on the books…


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