The symbol on our logo and our name is inspired by the Otter.

When we bought the house, the previous owner left a full grown taxidermy Otter in the basement. After the initial surprise (and then relief) of finding him in the basement, we began to wonder if it was a sign?

The Otter is an aquatic animal who is a symbol of life. The prime symbolic meaning of water deals with the divine feminine, which is a major life-giving energy. Water (and otters) are symbolic of creativity, fluidity and transitions. The otter’s affinity to water is also symbolic of Healing. Water is a cleansing element.

Otter is also a creature who is always up for a bit of adventure, letting curiousity direct them. They don’t worry about what is left behind but rather look forward. This is a great lesson from Otter Spirit- you can’t embrace new things if you are always clinging to what’s behind you. This doesn’t mean that you just forget about difficulties, but rather find a way to smile and get a different perspective that may very well solve those problems.

Otters do not have time for jealousy. We should not own others, but rather swim with them in life’s waters. Be grateful for those who travel along your path and for the lessons they offer, including Otter spirit.

Otter’s animal symbolism:










The Otter spirit guide:

When an otter swims up as your spirit animal it’s time to stop swimming against the current.

You cannot continue under stress and pressure without it stealing life’s joy from you. Giving to yourself is an act of self-love and kindness that in time manifests as giving to others. These principles can be applied to recovery and learning to love yourself enough to heal and then give to others.

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Nick McGrory